North Carolina Birth Photographer / Hansen Family Birth Story: Welcoming Luke Elliot

Birth is so beautiful, raw and emotional. Many mom’s would describe it as time warp!  By having a photographer present, not only can your partner, family, & friends be more helpful to you, but they can also be more fully present in the experience itself.  You as the mother often times cannot see all that is happening because you are so focused on the task at hand. I am able to carefully document each step of the way, and heirloom you will treasure for a lifetime.

I was so honored to capture Tywanda's birth.  She called me at 11:30pm on 22 Oct 2017 to let me know its go time.  I live in Charlotte, NC and she was to deliver in Raleigh,NC so it was about a 2 hr and 30min drive to the hospital.  Needless to say I said a prayer that I would get there in time to capture Luke's arrival.  I arrived at the hospital right on time.  Her active labor began just as I walked in the door.  It was intense... it was raw emotion that filled the room.  Elliot was by Tywanda's side every step of the way.  Waiting in anticipation for his son's arrival.  The Labor and Delivery team at WakeMed Raleigh Campus were amazing in making sure she was comfortable and very attentive.  At 2:24pm on 23 Oct 2017, Tywanda gave birth to be beautiful and healthy baby boy. 

Here's a glimpse of Tywanda and Elliot's birth story.  Enjoy!


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