What to expect

Congratulations on your new baby! Thank you so much for allowing me the amazing and rewarding job of photographing your new little mini in his/her first few days of life. Newborns are my passion and I consider myself truly blessed to be around these little miracles so much.

Scheduling Your Session

I recommend that you schedule your newborn session PRIOR to your baby’s birth to ensure a spot on the calendar. Contact me during your second trimester and I’ll pencil you in. Then, contact me via email (charmariephotography@gmail.com) or call 704-454-2367 soon after you deliver so we can arrange a time for the session. The BEST time is between 6-21 days after baby’s arrival. I'll be moving them around and scrunching them into those sweet sleepy newborn images, so I want to make sure they’re sleepy enough to allow me to handle them. If you have a baby boy, I recommend scheduling the session before circumcision, or 5 days afterwards.

Where Will the Session Take Place?

Newborn sessions are typically taken at my home studio in Charlotte, NC (University Area, Closer to Harrisburg). All the props are easily assessable, I can keep the room warm enough for our session, and everything is set up and ready to go!

Preparing for Your Session

We want a sleepy baby to get those cute newborn poses. We’ll want to do everything possible to help the baby sleep.

Below are some suggestions:

Interact with your baby to try to keep him/her awake 1-2 hours before our session. It’s ideal to schedule the baby’s feeding about 2-3 hours before arriving so they can feed again just before the session starts. A tired baby with a full tummy is a very sleepy, cooperative baby! If baby is bottle feeding, please bring extra bottles and milk (formula or breast milk). For nursing Moms, be careful with what you eat for about a day leading up to the session. Spicy foods can make the baby uncomfortable or upset their tummy. The studio will be very warm. Babies are very sensitive and because some poses will be in the nude, it’s best to keep them comfortable. The room temperature will be 80+ degrees to keep the baby happy. I suggest that parents come to the session dressed in layers so that they can comfortably remove some clothing if they feel the room is too warm. Baby should have on loose clothing that won’t leave marks in the skin, their diaper should also be on loosely and no socks so it doesn’t leave wrinkles in the skin.

In Home Sessions:

I’ll be bringing a space heater to our session but ask that the room we will be shooting in to be at least 80 degrees. Due to this, I come dressed for the warmth and suggest you do too! I’d also ask that we set up in a room hard floors, an empty wall without direct sunlight, but good window light is great. If you have questions about this, I’m happy to tour your home to find the room with the best light for shooting. Please don’t feel as though you need to pick up for me at all. If things need to be re-arranged or moved aside we can easily do this! If you plan to have siblings photographed, I only ask that when they are not a part of the session to have them out of the room if possible (if not, I totally understand). We want to ensure a calm and peaceful environment for the star of the show!


Newborn sessions can last anywhere from 2-3 hours. It all depends on baby’s mood and willingness to sleep. A newborn session is nothing like a regular session. It can take up to twenty minutes or more to pose a newborn into a certain position. I will try to get as many photos as I can with the diaper on but some outfits are best with diaper off (less bulky). It is entirely normal and natural for your baby to urinate or have bowel movements during the photo session. Please do not feel embarrassed or feel inclined to “rush in” and clean up. I have precautions in place (and lots of wet wipes). It is our job to take care of this. It is your job to sit back, relax, and have a nice time. I will work through a certain amount of set and prop changes. I have lots of ideas and are always flexible based on the personality and demeanor of your newborn.


I have a collection of bowls, baskets, blankets, knit hats and headbands that we can use for our session. You are also welcome to use any of your own props. Look for items with texture and color to help make your images unique.  If you have any family heirlooms, toys, hats, props, etc. that you would like me to use be sure bring them to your session.  We may not get the chance to use ALL the items, but we’ll look through them with you to determine what will work best.

 What to Wear

Solid, neutral colors photograph best. For parent pictures, a neutral bone color backdrop, gray, or black is typically used. To keep the portraits elegant and classy it is recommended that you choose color tones that are neutral.  Simple black or white shirts or earthy tones will work best.  This also goes for siblings. Try to stay away from bright colors and any logos on shirts. Also, bring an extra set of clothes for yourself since it is normal and natural for your baby to urinate or have bowel movements during the photo session, this could possibly happen on you.


The safety of your newborn is the most important thing to me. I am willing to make any accommodations for your baby that may be necessary for its safety and well-being. If you have any special needs, please feel free to talk to me about them when booking your session and I will be sure to do my best to accommodate. Thankfully, I can provide stunning and creative photos of your newborn while being sure that both you and your newborn are comfortable and safe the whole time.

Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories for you!